Saturday, August 19, 2006


to yani,
happy birthday.
sorry to disturb ur sleep.

18th aug.

to lia,
happy birthday too !
and sorry again to disturb ur sleep !

today !

to princess,
i love you !
and i hope i can spent every single of ur birthday every single year wif u !

it happen so fast don't it ?
it was june...
and i entered this new class.
amazed to see how many people in it.
and i knew,
these people are gonna be my classmate for the next 15 months.
and it's at the end of the 15th month.
the class has been amazing.
it was a weird weird day yesterday.

and dinner

enjoyed myself a lot.
in this year,
i haven't been really going out wif you guys.
and yesterday was the best !

and at night,
the strangest of all.

how are you ? ?
some frens only talk to me to say these thing...

"eh can send me this song ?"


"u got this song ?"


ask some sch related question.

and yesterday mass chat still feels weird.
but good.

i thought,
we are not all friends.
as in..there is 60+ of us.
i thought,
i thought we will only click wif those we spent time wif during this year.
but yesterday seriously prove me wrong.
it was when praveen went in front of the class and asked everyone to stay back for a class pic,
i admit,
that was really the best time i had in the class.
to see everyone so united.
i was completely amazed.
that some of u went back in the class.
if not only for that fuktub extra patrick no brain,
that pic would haf been GREAT.

yesterday must have been the best patrick lesson ever.
simply becoz he don't lecture at all !

the last day of sch
why don't everyone come...
and lets take a full class pic eh ?
ask lynn's darling meng meng to take for us ?
wad say you ?

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