Saturday, August 05, 2006

schedule from 5/8 to 12/8

5/8 sat.
- QTQM meeting.
- 3 or more posters for princess (intensive photoshoping and brain cracking for ideas).
*if selected, my work be all over one of the top uni in jakarta !
woHOOoo !!
wish me luck!!!!!!

6/8 sun.
- intensive study for macro test 2.

7/8 mon.
- macro test2.
- imec & BL meeting.

8/8 tues.
- imec & BL meeting.

9/8 wed (spore's national day).
- finish report for bl.

10/8 thurs.
- hand up bl report.
- finish report for imec.
- intensive bf last min study.

11/8 fri.
- hand up imec report.
- bf test.
- finish qtqm report.

12/8 sat.
- hand up qtqm report.
- extreme slacking.

what a motherfucking stressful week ahead.
god damn it.
too intensive.
sleepless nights ahead !

oh yea,
i need ideas for the poster too.
it's an economic fair.
got seminars.
and the buy and sell of used books.
tag me !

hold on my princess.
work will be over by the 13th.
just 2 days time !
and photoshop is not that hard.'s ur love's most mastered program leh !

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