Monday, August 14, 2006

another skin design ! i finally got time to change the layout of mag's blog.
check it out at.

all done by ME !
yesh ME ME ME ME ME !

guess i kinda know how to play around with the html codes and stuff.

my bone's in pain.
damn it.

let me confess.
i am DAMN SCARED that my hand will fail me.
damn it.
there's still much things to much things to DO.yes DO.
i still wanna do sports that need hand.
anyway i'm a goalkeeper !
no hand = lau ia keeper.

2 hours of badminton and the bone is already crying in pain.
damn it man...
need to drink more milk already.
need more calcium.

come to think of it.
i can only play like 2 frames max of bowling, carrying the ball size 10.
that's how weak this fuktub hand is after the fuktub accident.

please don't fail me..
please don't...

to the INDOs out there in singapore.
there'll be an indonite on the 14th october.
since i'll already be back on by the 5th sept.
i won't be there.
but if you're still interested.
tic is $65.
promise - there'll be a hell of fun there !
so..mail me if you're interested.

this is the last night of waiting princess !
i SO SO SO miss you !

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