Wednesday, February 28, 2007


it is advisable u go turn on the song
"i believe i can fly" by R.Kelly
"superman theme song"
for the mood of this entry.

everyone knows about the superman fad.
it's like the in thing.
i was revising the b law notes.

a girl falling down a building.



superman flies over.

superman : "alright..whatchu gonna gib me when i saves u "

gal screamiiinggg

girl : "okay okay..a brand new undawear"

superman saves girl.
and if girl don't give superman a new underwear,
then superman can sue the girl.

they had consideration.
ok ok..
those under tan soon meng for blaw should be familiar with the story la.

i did lots of stupid things during the exams period.
like taking off my shirt and showing the world my skinny body.
then add some tattoo on it and fire.
and made the satanic me.

well, i did it again.

enjoy :)
hope it brings a smile to ur face before the exams tomorrow.

girl shouts : "HEEELPPP HEEEELPPP"

and from the nebula.
he flies over.

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cut story short.
he saves the girl.
got a new underwear.
and is flying home.

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happy mah...
but then notice that he flew naked.
so cannot really fly very well.
coz no "wings" thingy to coordinate.

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and just some random shot.

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all the best for those taking the exams tomorrow.

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