Sunday, February 25, 2007

angel version 0.3.

the photoshopped "angel" using my body was very first created during these times too.
these times as in.
during one of those breaks i take from the notes.
near the exams period.
it was an idea taken from f's own version of angel and devil.
i did mine.
and made another two.

this should be the third version then.
i like the wings and have been finding for such wings for a long long time.
to make things simple,
i just clamp my camera on the tripod,
fixed the f/1.8 50mm lens on the baby.
took out my RC.
AV it,
f/8 it.
took off my shirt.
and stood there.
4 shoots.
a little photoshopping.
and here u go...

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it's a complete rip off of this one's here.

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i did no photoshopping on my body shape.
only change the skin tone.
took off the tattoo.
add the B on the chest and that is all.

grow more bert.
grow more !


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