Thursday, February 08, 2007

after the macro CA2.

note : 12 pictures ahead.


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at the esplanade.

so yeah,
after the test.
i got home.
chatted with dad.
he was like...
"bert if u really don't think u cannot continue ur degree arr...u dun need to u know"
"don't take it as if u're doin it for me.."
and bla bla bla...
i'm not only doing it for u dad,
i'm doin for the time i've spent in singapore.
2000 2001 2002 2003 2005 2006
been 6 damn years.
( spent almost the whole of year 2004 in medan ).

and it's just bout 2 more to go.

8 makes a nice number :)
no no...
like u said,
i've walked halfway alreadi
and i want to finish this journey..

then he continue talking bout photography thing.
like if i'm really serious i might as well realli do it seriously.
i don't know wad he's suggesting,
but if u wanna sponsor me for courses then of coz i'll go with JOY.

after a while of rest,
started preparing myself while still talkin to dad.
wearing contacts, fill up water bottle, memory card check and battery check.
and off i went to bugis.

bought her clock.
walk around for a while hoping to see some nice jeans that attract my eye.
got a levi's shirt and pants in the end.
mrt-ed down to city hall.
chiong bread talk as all the walking make me hungry.
re-fill water bottle.
cathay photo for the vacuum box, b+w circular pol and a rc5.

awkardly walk to the..
dunno wad monument is that lah.
but that's the 2nd time after cathay photo i go there and re-pack my things.
take out the baby.
and off i go to esplanade - merlion park - the fullerton hotel and home from raffles place mrt.

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let me tell u,
I SWEAR i saw that guy dozing off man !
if your head drop drop like that not call dozing off then i'm wrong lah.
tourists were lookin at him all lah.
his fren even more funny.

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no...this is not the funny shot.


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i was shooting the both of them.
u gotta click that pic to see what exactly i'm shooting anyway,
coz i just crop his head out.
that shot was taken when my eye was in the viewfinder and i noticed his eye opened.

i love eye contacts :D
here's another eye contact.

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shot from the bridge downwards.
click to see wad i was shooting.
notice the eye contact while editing.

talking about editting.
check this out.

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click for a few lines of the coversation before and after that.

a picture speaks a thousand words.
i guess this one above speaks for itself :)

i love rays.
rays of the sun.

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yeah u can hardly see it.
there was hardly any of it either.
i only noticed that small bit when i was zoomin.

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i love this pic.
i don't know what story it tells.
but i love it.
it's just nice to look at.
thou, the shot i shoot the other time was nicer.
the other time, i was shooting the sun from the reflection of of the window.
+ more sun set tone.
but it was gone due to memory card error again.
this is a copy and is till love it :)

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got this one like lucky lucky one.
was just shooting shooting then check check.
wah not bad,
walks back...shoot shoot shoot.

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i think the tone and colour could be much nicer for this one.
my weakness :(
damn you bert for being colourblind.

saw a nikon dood before i head home.

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he was shooting at this thing

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and yeah,
that's one

ps. all pics can be click for the bigger size.

"you know u're in love in photography when u're willing to give up the comfort of the bed and air con just to carry that heavy bag under the hot humid sun for some shoots"

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