Tuesday, February 27, 2007

the CA results.

i am shivering.
after seeing the academic profile.
damn it.
as i'm typing now...
my hands are like shaking.
is it like from the lack of sleep or what ?

i'm blardy shivering.
i was expecting...

imec - C or even F
coz i anyhow do the report.
anyhow hantam nia.
i anyhow wrote it.
i was the one writtin the report.
the members contribute the points.
i summarise and write it.
most of it in my own words....

blaw - B or C+
i knew i did well for the first test.
everybody does well for the first test la.
it's like the easiest test lor.
i think i missed out only like 4 marks or less for the first test.
the second test crush my dream on getting an A right away.
4 questions.
true or false + explaination.
2 wrong i think.
only 2 right.
so i thought i'm gonna flunk it.

macro - C.
she said i did very well for the first test.
and did not as well as the first on the second test.
so i thought...
B for the first.
the second test and the 5% participation marks is gonna pull me 1 grade lower.

so how's my CA ?
all wasn't as expected.
that's why i'm shivering till this moment.

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and i still can't believe my eyes.
let me refresh the page two more times please.

self talk :
bert, please don't waste the CA k.
please do well on the main too.
remember, you're not expecting anything but a pass.
and i know you've been wasting a lot of time these two days.
i also know that you regret not using the two days well.
but those 2 days pass already wad.
so please don't waste time anymore.
or you are so gonna regret it for the rest of your life.
and your main goal is still passing all at the main exams.

now i think i need lotsa luck.

please tell me i'm not going crazy.
may be i'm just high from the result.

ps. i still don't understand how the A came from for IMEC.
couldn't be my presentation pull the grade so high up wad.

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