Saturday, February 24, 2007

1, 2, 3 and 4th is freedom.

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it's already the 24th.
5 more days left for the studying.

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i experience how times really fly fast the week before chinese new year.
it was then,
5 days too to medan.
and now...
i'm back here in singapore.
and it's 5 days to my exams.

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i can't wait till next sunday.
really really can't wait to get a grab on my camera again.
haven't been shooting since i came back.
i miss the baby.
i want to capture more moments.
i can't wait...
till the 4th.

while i want these 5 days to go as slowly as possible.
so i can like have more time to study la.
at the same time,
i want it to fly pass fast too.
so this will all be over.

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i guess it's time to head back to the notes.

i-miss-you, f.

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