Thursday, February 15, 2007

2 nights to seeing F.

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i just can't wait.
lots to say to her.
i have my whole heart to share !
and i just can't wait till march.
a-small-small-mini-self-proclaimed-for-self-practice-studio.'s ur valentine's day ?

mine ?
i wouldn't say it sucked.
even thou yes i spent the whole damn day practically by myself.
got things that kept me off from thinkin bout it being a special day.
maybe coz...i know my special day will come too.
only later :)
2 nights !!

i was cleaning my room.
packed my things..
and am still half way tru it.
just taking a break.

i found this,

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something that's in my folder of certificates.
was browsing them through one by one and smiling to myself :)

note the word in bold please.
i can't even remember any shiat from C++ already.

imec presentation this friday !
and in my presentation,
it will never be complete without the touch of my photoshop.
so...spent a lil time just now to edit the pics for friday too.
gotta finish the powerpoint tml.

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front page
if u click for the bigger size, u could see our names clearly.
and if u notice properly...there's only 1 guy in there.
.i'm james bond.
in a grp wif 4 other indonesian girls.
they are great !
but f is better !
always !
jealous not =P

somehow working wif them make me miss working wif melly and the guys back then.
u guys are the greatest !
the then 6 indonesians group.
project marketing is the BEST !

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last page

gotta head back to the mess....
oh i so can't wait.
it's gonna be fast !
i know it will !

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