Wednesday, February 07, 2007

a treasure of photos.

macro test tomorrow.
business law assignment to be hand in soon.
imec project to be done before monday.
fooo !
all three subjects at 1 go.

will be taking my usual after test break.
may be another
maybe :/
but will be spending money on these few things again.

- a vacuum box for the baby and lenses.
- a clock ( for f and no, it's not a valentine present. i'm not that unromantic.)
- a polarizer mrc, again due to dri's poison but i guess it's necessary anyway.
- some pants for chinese new year.

anyway, i was taking a break from the god-damn-NOTES-that-i-already-cant-wait-to-burn-them-all.
and was browsing tru my "photography" folder.
and realised that.
actually ah...i like have a lot and a lot and a lot of nice pics that i haven't even process.
as in...haven't put a PASS on it.
ok ok..
everytime after a shoot.
i'll pic the best pics...process them...and throw them in another folder to separate with the lousy shots lah.
actually there ARE A LOT of pics that i don't even remember i took still.
it's so gonna take some time to process them all.
which means =
more money to fork out.
= upgrade the god-damn-lousy-old-virus-infected-laptop.
so can process faster lah.
or else load so slow i also no mood to process and show people ah.

i will, u like it or not, put like at least 1 pic for every post from now on.
so here's the pics for today.

my very first hunt wif the baby.
when i still don't know simi is shutter speed simi aperture that time and was basically shooting in P and A mode.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

as usual, click for bigger size.
now...there sure will be another wake-up-extremely-early-in-the-morning-for-the-beach-hunt with you in march :)
can't wait.
10 nights f.
10 nights.
and 26 nights to BALI.

meaning i have like 20 days or less to study for the main from NOW ON.
and yes !
i'm so gonna start !
kia su me.

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