Friday, March 02, 2007

things to do on the 2nd, march.

thanks to air asia.

i was suppose to got up early on the 4th morning of march.
be at harbour front around 7.
and began my trip.
singapore - batam 0730 hours to 0730 hours ( 1 hour diff of time between batam and sing )

by 0800 i should have cleared the customs and stuff.
head to the airport right away.

0915 hours to 1050 hours - batam jakarta.

rot at the airport till 1530 hours

check in,

1610 hours to 1855 hours BALI !

so anyway,
air asia emailed me.
they shifted the flight forward.
damn it.
so now i have to...

3rd march around 4+
leave for batam...

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i'll be stayin there.
i leave early coz i hope i could catch the sunset there.
the hotel is someone on a hill.
so i'm sure i could do some night photography there as i'll be booking the superior room WITH view.
my flight will be at 0840 the following morning to jakarta.

i'm sponsoring myself for batam.
all my own $$.
for the first time.
stayin in a hotel with my own $$.
feel kinda excited.
well, i'm hoping to see more of this thing coming up soon.
sponsoring myself to small cities for photography by myself.

so due to the change,
i've got to do this BY tomorrow.

- withdraw $$, go to money changer, change S$ to rupiah.
- make the hotel reservation.
call -
Vista Hotel & Service Apartment
Complex Top View Garden
Batam Island 29432, Indonesia
Phone: (62) 778 431888
- iron my shirts for bali.
- 70% packing to be done.
- study for IMEC. sure is gonna be a busy day tomorrow.

blaw was alright.
confident can at least get a D.
well, i hope so.
let's hope the A helps me :)

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