Friday, February 23, 2007

the artlovers is on friendster !

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some random pic she took with her new baby.

the artlovers is herbert johan and fransiska anggreny.
i know,
of all names.
we love it.
that's all that matters.
the reason for the name ?

so if you like MY pictures.
my photoshop, other design-related works or my photography.
add me in friendster at

if you like HER pictures.
her photoshop, other design-related works or her photography.
add her in friendster at

or if you like OUR works.
our photoshop, other design-related works or our photography.
add us in friendster at

friendster is so yesterday ?
damn's still one of the ways for free advertisement man !
admit it !
we are two-poor-art-lovers-so-please-help-us.

our blog will be the next project we're handling.
it'll be up right after my exams and our bali trip.
when i'm finally back home in medan :)
will be leaving on the 4th morning.

another random pic i took during the 4 days holiday in medan for the CNY.

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it's clickable for a large size.

the battle starts NOW !
the battle with the notes.
the last battle for the god damn diploma.
wish me luck.

ps. a special thanks to nigel ho and foo cz for sending me off the other day.
wouldn't have made it if u guys weren't there.
seriously, i'd had missed the ferry if it weren't for you guys.
owe u two a lunch.
i-so-love-you-guys-man !


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