Wednesday, August 05, 2009


didn't have the time to edit the Bali pics today
so Bali updates will be postponed till tomorrow

have been busy drawing and drawing
not so bad
lately, lots of inspiration for designs
i'm even already drawing up for my indonesian's independence day tribute thing
but haven't done yet though

but these days, what take up most of my time is definitely the designs for arts festival
i've been working days and nights since the day i got back to singapore from bali
pretty darn productive
which is good
turning into some workaholic some say
which is making me having very little sleeps
the way i work is that when i'm inspired to do something
especially design / post-processing stuffs
once they come
i can never stop till i complete it
i'm not the type who can easily stop when i'm having my momentum
i think
most of my designs pieces are done within the day
be it some 1 hour work
or even some that's up to some 5 hours or more
i'll just be sitting here
only realizing that time has flew away when i'm complete
and then feeling extremely tired after it

introducing isaac !

a painter i drew for the upcoming Arts Festival
lots of design pieces to be done for it !
and am apparently quite excited
since somehow
i'm like now full of inspirations on things to draw
no time to shoot
i channeled my creativity on drawing them out
coincidentally also, i've done a shoot on a painter before
so, to make my work easier and faster
i had decided to just do a sketch from that piece


more of Isaac will surely come !

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