Tuesday, August 04, 2009

-Goa Lawah + Jimbaran | day 2






12.51 p.m. : got a bark attack from the dog. disturbed its sleep with the camera. entire crowds looked at me. ran away around 5 mins later when the dog just won't keep stop barking. haiz, pic wasn't even sharp.

1.02 pm. : head to the beach across the street for some coconut time.



1.20 p.m. : saw a man peeing on the empty beach. he then headed to the sea to wash his hands -.-"

1.35 p.m. : left the black sand beach. heading off for a balinese massage.

- : slept the way through

Abrian Sama Hotel & Spa

2.28 p.m. : reached abrian sama

2.42 p.m. : spaing :)

4.47 p.m. : done

5.05 p.m. : left for Jimbaran


5.30 p.m. : another sunless evening. the weather ain't looking any good either.

5.40 p.m. : reached jimbaran.



6.05 p.m. : the sun decided to make a short appearance.


6.11 p.m. : it disappeared as quick as it appeared -.-"

6.14 p.m. : the girl at the next table shoved her ass at my director, showing her see tru pants the g-string she's wearing -.-" -.-" -.-"


7.15 p.m. : done with dinner


8.04 p.m. : the street band is playing hotel california right behind me while i was waiting for the bill ! good song :D

8.15 p.m. : gonna leave back to the hotel but some taxi is parked right behind my car. have to wait for the restaurant's staff to find the driver first.

8.24 p.m. : stopped by surfer's paradise

8.30 p.m. : left

8.42 p.m. : stop by surf factory outlet

8.50 p.m. : nothing interesting to shop : / head back to hotel

9.12 p.m. : reached hotel just to found out that no one else is around. am the only customer left. felt a little eerie.

9.42 p.m. : cleaning lenses

- fell asleep unknowingly.

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