Thursday, October 09, 2008

this morning

i think
this morning series
is gonna be like 3 posts or something
don't care
this morning
i shot
one of my best landscape shot ever in singapore !
a scene
a shot
i've had in my head for a long long time
never thought i'd fire it off in singapore
so i damn happy now XD

i was just resting from my study time and all
and took a peep again at the window for the sunrise at around 6.30 like that
i saw blue skies
almost cloudless
= tak de dramatic sunrise d
but something told me to go up
may be take a rest from the books and notes
have to stare at distances to take care of my eye also
i went up
and witness
one of the mistiest morning i've ever seen !
it's like the whole view ahead of me were like all mist

i then remembered an article about mists i read some time back
have to wait for the right light condition then the mist will be peautifull XD
so here, i present to you
the not yet so very nice photos from level 22

.good morning singapore.


.lone bird.


.a lot of birds.




.tak de title.


now that i posted most of the not so satisfying photos i shot this morning
highlight of this morning's shoot post tml d XD

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