Saturday, October 04, 2008


haven't been having a self-photoing sessions for sometime XD
ok ok no
i've been itching for some human shoot for sometime
i think i'm moving more towards the fashion/glamor/people photography stuff
keen on exploring that part though
as, i don't think i shoot nice people photos
as usual
somehow it is during these busy times that a lot of photo ideas will pop up in my head
damn funny
i could be here typing my report away
and then just suddenly the back of my head will pop out an image
i think i'm unconsciously wanting to shoot properly already
like u know
shoot more
not like i'm not shooting anymore
but haven't really been able to express myself freely these few while with all these pressures :(

so i sat down just now
flip through my sketch book
finally i bought myself sketch book
so if an idea pop up
i'll sketch there right away

and found one picture that i've always been wanting to do
just that the model should be a girl though
anyway, i don't care
and self-model d

so here


and along the self-cam-whoring session
got another shot i think quite nice


two photos today XD

and oh
here's the complete behind the scenes from the video stuff
less funny though

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