Sunday, October 05, 2008

23 people

organized an outing
to kota cina

reached around 3.02 like that
then got a few people already
it's the spc outing thing

then wait wait wait
then we wait wait wait wait

then we walked out to EXIT A
walk out already some ppl called and sms

so have to wait wait wait wait wait somemore

then finally can go



this is spc's outing
wif the most ppl
i think
the outing with so much people was at botanical garden
but for the whole of this year
this is the most !
yet !
damn happy
but for now
have to rush through project
tml haf to hand in
damn sian =.="
ok, bye
happy Sunday people !

1 comment:

linlin said...

thank you for organizing this outing:)
so lucky that it was sunny yesterday,as it is now raining.
expecting for the sharing session:)
thank you again and other members.