Thursday, October 23, 2008

4 birthdays

wishing 4 of these guys are really damn sangat very very very very very very happy birthdays !!


Happy Birthday man Arifin,
makin sukses bro !
have fun in shanghai and australia man
best wishes for your additional degree bro
may the action of light always be with ya

Happy Birthday JingHui,
despite most of us are already walking on our own paths after sec sch catching our own dreams
but still those times back in telok kurau was the best moments of my life
all the best in your singing and am sure will buy your first album and also your attend your first concert ! =x
i was truthfully blown away by your voice the other time during huifen's bdae really
sorry couldn't attend your early birthday celebration though
was at the canon photo marathon all the way till 10 plus XD

Happy Birthday Naida,
awet2 terus ya ama homesick !!!
moga2 surprisenya tadi pagi made your day :)
could tell he is really indeed devoted to you
am happy for the both of ya !

Happy Birthday Sally,
the 6 of us really had indeed gone through a lot together
all the fights from the numerous misunderstandings
but still
you guys never fail to put a smile across my face no matter how i feel
it's never complete without the 6 of us all together really
each one of you have had an impact in my life it's never gonna be the same again after graduation
you are all special in your own very different ways
and i hope,
despite the still constant fights we always have
it'll only make us closer and never tear us apart
happy birthday Sally,
hope we all did make your day a little more special than it already is :)
sorry jg cabut duluan td
besok ada ujian XD
masi blom siap revision semuanya neh

this month and next month sure got a lot more birthday wishes posts
truthfully really,
my friends are really the people whom make me able to come so far
they are the people whom had been able to make me live my singapore life
living here alone ain't easy man
without them
i think today i'll be like some emo kids sitting one corner with some sig in my mouth puffing away thinking that the entire whole damn world is always agaisnt me
*imgine that for a moment*
oh i love you guys for making me who i am today

time to get back to my notes
business finance paper tomorrow


all the best to those taking the paper tomorrow !

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