Wednesday, July 30, 2008

the house of the Bataks

i wanna start off with yesterday's (29th) sunset
it's been sometime since i could witness a sunrise / sunset since i'm back here in singapore
last night, i took a short break and off i went again to my fav spot
the place i call
level 22 :D


my 28-105mm lens is with willy
so without any other "tele" lens
i took my 100mm macro with me
and am still amazed with its sharpness till today
despite having fallen down on the floor from my waist down level
plus the numerous dust the lens has collected within the lens itself which Canon has quoted me that they'd had to disassemble the entire lens to get them cleaned and it's still not a confirm 100% clean


from my fav lens
the 10-22mm XD

and finally
something different from the usual views

this shot is entitled ".poking the sun." lol !

now back to my toba trip entries


this is the house of the batak long time ago
why i've never gotten bored of visiting this place and yes i definitely will visit lake toba again is because apart from the amazing views the lake give, i'm fond of the cultural and historical values of the place too

toba, a short form of tanah orang batak asli (the native land of the bataks) are where the bataks live (obviously) and despite modernization, these people still manage to save a lot and a lot and a lot of their cultural and historical values among themselves

inside their house

long ago, you know
during those times of the kings still
there were no spring bed or whatever kinda bed
these house will house the entire family
meaning i a guy get married
they'll stay there
and if they got kids
the kids will stay there also
and when the kids get married
they will all stay there also
unless those rich one then they'll go make another house la

so i was told, that when u know
the couples wanna have ***, they'd like go to the farm...and make love there
seriously !
i was told like that !



the entrance to the house is definitely eunique
they are designed in such a way that you'll have to bow down when u enter the house coz their door is small and short
this is to show respect to the owners of the house
no matter who you are whether king or whoever la, they'll still have to do so
beautiful culture kan ?


one of the many design on the house


see on the bottom right of the house ?
got macham those kandang (cage) right ?
that one damn power

that's the place where they will put their kambings, kerbaus, babi, and even their prisoner !
very long story
but another amazing thing is this
the bataks speak damn politely
seriously damn politely
they don't even call the babi - babi
all these "animals" got labels

b1 - anjing
b2 - babi
b3 - kerbau
b4 - itik
b5 - ayam

at first i was quite curious as we cross the streets..there'll be retaurants with signs


yes..the bataks eat dogs

a B3

and us posing




more tomorrow !

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