Sunday, July 27, 2008

3 places

heylow people !
today i is very damn happy !!!

firstly, is the enchanting indonesia thing !


the event at orchard road just outside takashimaya
and like i said the other of my pictures were confirmed to be exhibited but apparently after showing a few more of my pics, one more got accepted again

so now i got like two pictures there la



okay why i so happy ?
though i haven't really ask the person in charge if it's really true yet
but from what i saw....right underneath the picture on the left side one..the one Rames said my best pic ever one...
got the word


and that's what's been putting this smile endlessly from the moment i saw that till now

the event will last till tomorrow
and i'll pretty much be there the whole day tomorrow
from may be 2 - 3 pm till i think the event finish
depends see how first =x

after visiting enchanting indonesia for a bit just now
i accompanied willy a.k.a banet to finally go buy a dslr camera for himself
he then bought the canon 450d

after that he asked if wanna go esplanade area shoot around
and i followed
when we finally got to reach esplanade
just nice today got the singapore ndp rehearsals
so we shot a bit also

-the black knights-
which later i mistakenly said to my fren the dark knights =x

more of enchanting indonesia and the black knights fotos soon XD

a few pics from my Toba Trip
the first few pics i shot





okay i gotta go sleep
long day again tomorrow

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