Tuesday, February 26, 2008

ISO 1600

the continuation of the previous post
can't sleep
so i went down
and hantam at ISO 1600




*me, preparing my tripod to shoot the tree*

ang moh dood : "photograph ! photograph ! photo photo"
me : heh ?
ang moh dood : "come on..photograph !"
me walks towards the ang moh in the taxi
ang moh dood : "so..what's this for ? the newspaper ?"
me : "er...nope"
ang moh dood *tuned down his voice* : "then what ?...poorn ?"
me : "HEH ?"
me : "no no no"
ang moh dood : "then what's it for ?"
me : "oh..hobby ya know, just for fun..can't sleep"
ang moh dood : "oh oh..come on photograph me"
me : "oh sure...."

i was on manual mode then at ISO 100 for the tree
quickly change back to ISO 1600 and quickly swift tru from bulb mode to 1/15

me : "dood ! it's too dark"
ang moh dood : "come on flash flash flash...before the light changes..flash flash"

i was using the 10-22mm then, the built-in flash wif definitely create a shadow
coz of the roundness of the lens
the built in flash will hit the lens and create a round shadow !

me : "aight !"


and here's the ang moh dood !!


oh yeah...
here's another tree


and finally


meah :D

on another page
i'm viewing my statcounter thing
and i've got this

% of visitor from Indonesia : 36.96%
% of visitor from Singapore : 34.06%
% of visitor from Malaysia : 18.84%
% of visitor from Australia : 3.86%
% of visitor from United States : 2.17%
% of visitor from "unknown" : 1.21%
% of visitor from Netherlands : 0.97%
and the rest roughly made up of 0.48% each

first thing first...where is unknown ?
outer space ah ?
lol !
omg !
wherever you are
i just wanna thank you for clicking my site :)
really hope you enjoy my works here
thanks man

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