Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy valentine's day

this entire post is specially dedicated to her and only her, f

love, like a river, will cut a new path whenever it meets an obstacle


when we first fell in love
i thought that nothing could compare
to the magical romance
that you and i had come to share

but as time passed, feelings deepened,
and our closeness grew
the romance turned into
a real and lasting love with you

you care for me in all ways
i want and need so much
i've felt your warmth and tenderness
with every word and touch

i know i can depend on you
for support and honesty
that patient understanding
that you always give to me

there's a special kind of happiness
that only love can bring
and i've found that happiness with you
you, my love, f, are my everything


some say perfection is unattainable
for most things that's explainable
but in your arms and with your hearth's affection
i have found a brief moment of perfection


i want to be in your arms, i want to feel your touch
i want your lips on mine, i need you very much


everything has been very dreamlike
all the ups and downs we've gone through
owns this heart


happy valentine's day people :D

oh yeah, the new hair


and homesick said i look like 3 years younger


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