Thursday, February 21, 2008

the "i" family

i = very sangat hepi today
everything turned out the way i want to
very grateful for that

wanna share my i family

the very first member of my "i" family was


the ipod mini
very very long ago
really loved it

after don't know how long
forgotten liao
the ipod mini screwed up
cannot charge all that
it's only like last month that i know
after may be a year or so of usage
all ipods have to be sent to the apple store
to change the battery

the ipod mini is still with me
back home in indo

anyway, then
i didn't know what
so i thought the ipod mini screwed up
however, i got hocked by apple mp3 player already
i had tried creative ones and the others
but still ipod's user-friendliness and its design has got me hocked to it

i then bought


to replace my ipod mini
damn happy bout it
some 30gb version
the thing was i never actually really go and use the "video" feature though
i practically just transfer some 5k songs from my itunes lib to there then

and last year
amazed by its technology
i bought myself this


and sold off my ipod video

then october last year
not very long after i bought the touch


i won myself the ipod nano from the canon photomarathon competition

and today
a new member of the "i" family joined me


nuff said

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