Friday, March 28, 2008

rises and sets

it's been quite a great day i believe, despite the damn stupid idiotic mistake i made just a few hours ago
which is, not checking my calendar, schedules and being extremely careful about my purchases
talk bout it later
anyway, been sometime since i post my G9's pictures, so here's them :D
a compilation of sunrises and sets as well as picture of the moon
today's post is specially dedicated to my lovely G9

17th March 2008

i believe this was the day that i mentioned that the say was damn blue
which means i've posted the 400d's versions


yeah, so this is the G9's version of that sunset
the sunset that day was beautiful, not amazing, as i've seen better sunsets before


nevertheless, the pictures i've shot kinda amazed me
i can't really remember that the actual sunset amazed me as much as the pictures though


oh yeah, i remember going to my spot earlier than i usually does, thus, after snapping a few pictures of the sun, i took a look at the other side of the apartment
and wow ! the moon was there !


my first time snapping the moon with a blue background d
and i stood there, right in the middle of the apartment, with the sun shining its light on one side and the moon on the other !

21st March 2008

a picture of the moon on that day


not sure was it that day or the day before that the moon decided to make its full moon appearance

22th March 2008

this was the night that i first witness the most amazing color in the night sky, seriously, i've seen pink clouds, orange clouds, even a bit reddish skies at night. in addition, i've also laid on the wide spread grass in the middle of a forest in Malaysia back then and witness the skies of stars (one of the most memorable day in my life) but i've never seen anything like this before man


as for now, my study table is directly facing the window thus, the skies and the apartment opposite are my views during my distracting mins from the notes and was i glad i was distracted that night
i took a better peek and to my amazement, there was actually an opening in the clouds and there shone the light of which reminds me of sunsets
being in the east direction and at 9 p.m. it was simply impossible that there'll be any light from the sun left, i quickly went to grab the G9 and zoomed in for a closer look
it was the MOON !
i wanted to immediately went off to my usual spot for a better chio-er view of the scene but once i've packed the bag which was like less than 5 mins, the sky turned black when i took a last peek before i left

mins later


explain that to me man

23th March 2008

the morning rise was quite beautiful, that day, i've decided to give homesick's 40d's on trial for a sunrise using the methods i usually does for sunrises and sets, of which u'll see the 40d's version tomorrow :D

this was the G9's then


i've forgotten to apply the built-in ND filter for the G9 thus the burnt out sun
it was at its fastest speed then :/ 1/2500 at f/8

27th March 2008

of course the most recent of all
the rise of yesterday
peeked the sky again as i was jolting down notes for the project meeting later on in the day and was shocked that it was already morning !
i grabbed the G9 again and snapped, didn't went up to my spot though
just a shot from the G9


the sun hadn't rise then, damn should i have gone up !
another peek showed me the sun tearing the clouds away as it rises above
nevertheless, just recently, i've went to another location during the same sunrise hours and grabbed some pretty cool stuff too d :)

last thing to share today:


make urself free :)

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