Tuesday, March 25, 2008

kelly 02

aight, where did i left off ?
let me go check first d

ok, until the host right
actually i got a few more shots of the host, but she's not the limelight here
it's kelly


OT a bit, i was talking to dad again this morning, and things seems pretty good now towards the new religion (mac)
then, i wanted macbook + 23" cinema displays badly
but somehow, dad got his friend to call me, only to find out later that he's the GM of apple in singapore XO
omg can, i feel so damn honored
this boi, herbert wanna buy some apple laptop only, until GM also haf to call
the moment i knew that, my balls grew 4 times its size, serious.
nevertheless, sometimes my dad can kinda anyhow hantam one, so anyone knows apple GM singapore name ?
if he's Mr. Lim then yes, i was speaking to that ah lim dood d

anyway, we discussed my usage, etc etc
and he recommended that the macbook pro would be so much better, for its better graphic card
of course
but then i was thinking again
if, i'd have to go for the mbp, i might as well just go after the iMac man
and so he said "why not ?"
after the following few mins of more poisons
i decided that my new mac will be of the iMac
the spec ?
later lah, when its at my hand XD


anyway, Kelly came a while only
and sang a bit, some wo pei wo pei wo pei song which she duet with leon lai, which got me a bit addicted to that song after the whole thing coz during the entire waiting and event itself, that was the only song that's been playing along
unlike the S.H.E one the other time where they repititively replay the entire album, album not 1 song
this one 1 song, got me
"wo pei wo pei wo pei"
dunno wo pei or wo bei or whatever, but if u have that soundtrack, send me please


and i shall say
her voice was amazing live !
really, honestly, seriously, sumpah d !


and it's even more awesome to know later on that she was actually not really well, kinda sick i believe
after the song she was like, coughing coughing non-stop and well they were all speaking some mandarin so when she come into some cheem words, i could only guess
but then again, her accent and vocab she used, kinda not as cheem as i thought it'd be
or is it me cheena getting better eh ?


she went up the stage
talk talk a bit, talk about the storyline a bit, talk about the injury leon and donnie suffered a bit, and herself also, sang a bit, then sign a bit of autograph also
there was kinda quite a lot of people lining up for the augh, i think got bout 50+ but then she say she'll be only be signing the first 30 which got people really pissed and i overhead some ns man beside me in the queue (i stood right beside the queue) saying "complain la wah rao..want complain or not ?" and bla bla bla
nevertheless, i think the whole event wasn't really protected as tight as the S.H.E one though
dunno, just got this feeling

ok la enough rantings
i shall go back to continue visualizing that i'm already typing on my massive 24" iMac
have a happy day guys
and thanks for reading XD

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