Sunday, September 03, 2006

awake for more than 24 hours.

no no no...i'm not gonna talk about how am i gonna get terminated for failing every single subjects and all.
no no no.

wadeva it is.

and check this out.

my fox candy can is FILLED wif COINS.

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i never count how much those worth like the other time thou.
i was just taking a break from those studying the other day and remembered that i used to take lots of pics.
so i was just wondering around my room to see wad can i take of la.
and i just thought.
my that *saving* can is finally filled and i definately haf to catch that moment before i spend them all.

i've been awake since yesterday 12 a.m.
it's 28 hours already.
i don't know what the fuck am i doing here typing and not sleeping.
but hell yeah...
i'm gonna spend every single precious min of this holiday.

i guess i'll have to take those pills again.

I MISS PRINCESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm going mad.

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