Wednesday, July 19, 2006


received 2 emails from the school regarding my attendance.

so i went to see the person in charge yesterday.
told them i got sleeping and waking up problem.
they feared i got insomia.
i guess i do.
and was asked to see a doctor.

thanks but no thanks.

subjects from semester 5.

business law - great lecturer :)
elynn's new crush too !
whatever happen to mr. chua huh ?

yes i still hate you so so so so so sooooo fucking much patrick no brain.
you still teach like shit.

macro - hermmmmm.....
guess the lecturer is fiercely good.
somehow can understand.

lessons that i have to retake :(

business finance - DAMN !
guess gotta practise more !

qtqm - you're still lazy mr.whoever.
yes, you're still as lazy.
and your lessons still cannot be understood.
lucky you give exams questions to us.
oh yea,
this is the 2nd semester you're teaching me.
and i still can't remember your name.

on the other hand,
this busyness is good.
i guess,
means i'll have plenty of things to do.
5 subjects.
4 freaking projects.
that's just mad.
tests coming soon !

i guess i'm enjoying school.
but still gotta cure this waking up problem.
and the sleeping.
love sleeping late.
what should i do ?

gotta go head for the bed.
last semester guys !
enjoy !

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doozing off while waiting.
i was so freaking tired !
miss you lots princess.
can't wait till i can again, properly talk to you.
really miss those voice.
and your cuteness.
have a great sleep princess.
love you,
always :)

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