Saturday, July 22, 2006

ang kong siao.


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the spider on the chest if fuktub i know : /
lazy to do remove it.
oh yea,
i owe u an abs cz.
just hold on a lil while =P

jessica alba.
-tattooed too !

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not very satisfied with the results.
but here it is anyway.

miss you lots princess.
what happened had punched a hole in both our hearts.
i know,
let time heals us.
for i will be right here,
these weeks without you.
are empty.
i fell so hollow inside.
but deep inside.
there's always you.
that smiles at me.
no matter how painful my heart tears.
you're deep there.
smiling back at me.
and i'll always remember.
the smile that brings me my happyness.
but you.
nobody else,
but you.

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