Sunday, February 15, 2009

valentine's day

this might not have been the most romantic post about a valentine ever in this blog
but girl you know i love you
and you know too that i haven't been there for you by your side for the previous two years
be patience
for we're gonna be spending every single valentine after this year's together
for girl, you know i will be there

i might have been in doubt
i might have been in doubt about us from time to time
on whether do i really love you that much
on whether do you really love me that much
hell, i can even be doubtful about my photography, the thing that i feel i do best now
but right now
there's no single doubt in me when i say
i love you f
i truly do
and this heart just want to shout out to you just that
i love you...

and a valentine's picture i'm currently literally working on will be up soon !
i know it's late
but well, it's better late than never :)


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