Friday, February 27, 2009


i have like a lot a lot a lot of things that's currently on going
am glad that the post-processing for the photoshoot i did last weekend is finishing real fast
i think i might wanna re-work a couple of the pictures
but i hearing stephie's comment really lift up the spirit once in a while
meaning that well, i'm not that bad after all
kinda lift up the confidence a bit :)
it's really nice when ur work is appreciated and liked by the people you shoot for
and that's what's been keeping me going
the feeling u get when the people you shoot for went "OMG !" or may be just a simple "nice !"
it's overwhelming

50% of my little self experimentation project is done
and am posting it today

this time round
i keep looking forward to the days ahead
and i see busy-ness
and again
i doubt myself at times on whether can i really complete them all
so much to oversee
so much to figure out
so much to handle
all at once
but then again
i'm really glad that i'm in this position right now
coz that's just life
coz that's the kinda life i have whenever i'm here
chasing time
i'm always chasing after time whenever i'm here
and it makes me feel alive
coz i know
my holiday will come
and then i can be free, lazy and just recharge my battery
and i know
she's there :)


meet "male"
my self experimentation i did which i kinda miserably failed but i'm still glad i did try
after watching like 4 seasons of project runway all during my break time
i got really really inspired
and wanted to try something on the cloth myself
so i made this
all by myself
i sew
i stictch
i sketch
and it went horribly wrong
but still it's wearable
and it doesn't torn up despite the stretch it'd had to go in order for me to put it on and off of "male"

here it is !



i made a shirt
and a vest
for my mannequin
is a pants !
the cloth ?
i just torn out a shirt and a berms that i've never worn anymore
and there it was
damn untidy
but still
i'm happy !

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