Tuesday, February 03, 2009


about my turtle, tultle.
over the days i've been here...
i've been giving quite some more attention to my aquarium
i enjoy watching other animals behave and the most i could keep as a pet are just fishes
so the other day on my way to the fish store to buy some more food for tutle
i saw how unique angelfish are
like u know
u touch the aquarium then due to their curiosity they'll move to where your finger is...
so along with the my tultle's food, i bought two angelfish home
put them together in the aquarium
and the next morning
during feeding time
i went looking for my angelfish
just to find out that one has lost its head and went all white down on the aquarium base
i went white
i've known this would happen
i know my other goldfishes will be ok with tultle coz they're fatter and tultle isn't big enough to whallop them
as i've read somewhere
turtles can whallop anything as big as its head
angelfish, being so darn skinny.....
became its victim
another one last though
so i thought that one is fast enough to ran away from tultle's attack
the next day...........................
gone again its head
and that was when i said to stop puttin in fishes in that tank till i get another tank

today though,
i went to the pet store again
off finding snail to put in the aqurium to clean up the mess tultle always make down at the base
and again
i got home with two more fishes
awed by its beauty
i bought the celestial goldfish and bubble eye goldfish
go google them
they're two of the 4 rare goldfish species
happy coz they're so pretty
and on my way home i began figuring out where the hell to put tultle
it definitely have to be moved else where
as i didn't bring a lot of cash just now...i've decided to leave the tank shopping tomorrow
so i got home
put them in
and took tultle out of the aquarium and left it on a bucket
but the bucket got hole one so cannot fill in water
after a while of noticing that tultle isn't moving a lot
i fell soft and began pitying it
i know it'll only be there for a night
but scared it kana too much stress
i thought
well...one night in the same tank with my fishes would hurt.....
and how wrong i was
it began attacking again
god darn it....
we all pray on the night of day 9 of the chinese new year
and i had just put tultle in just before i went off praying
and when i got back....
my heart just sank
it had burst my bubble eye's bubble.....
quickly then i went searching for another temporary bucket for tultle
when i'm back and as i was searching for where tultle is to lift it up
the horror before my eyes hurts this heart it shocked me till now....
just when i had a glance at tultle..
i saw it snapping at my bubble eye's eye again
quickly i lift it up
just to see that it has chew off one of its eye.......
like wth !!!
now my bubble eye is left with only one eye

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