Wednesday, February 25, 2009


today's rainbow must have been the biggest i've ever seen over my 8 years here in singapore
i was lazying around the house watching project runway season 3 when suddenly the phone sms tone rang
so a special thanks to lin lin for notifying about the rainbow or i would've missed it, watching heidi klum instead of snapping these rainbow
a few browsing online showed that today's rainbow's supposed to be full scale one
something, i've never seen before in me life
and i missed it
the moment i saw lin lin's sms
i immediately ran to the window, saw it
grab the camera
and ran off to level 22
where else to see a rainbow but from high up there ?
the sad thing was
the sky behind the rainbow was : /
not that amazing
i snapped off from level 22 quickly
before rushing down
thinking of snapping it from the ground
but the moment i reached like level 1
the rainbow were faint to also gone
so only 3 so-so photos of the rainbow d




ok finish
i shall go back to editing pictures from my last photoshoot :)

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Linlin said...

haha,you are welcome:D