Wednesday, November 05, 2008

iPod Nano

one last paper to go...!!!!!!
but have to wait one freaking week to my freedom
damn i'm already so darn tired !
me brain is over congested
over loaded with information
can die

since i got like 5 more nights till my last paper
i've dedicated this night and tomorrow morning for the ultimate rest
= movies + take photos + edit photos + sleep + eat + enjoy music + erase my head if can
well so far not so bad

came out with an idea to shoot the iPod Nano Chromatic
still in the development basis d
if got time or i still interested in this idea will develop more on it XD




i like the last one the best d
gotta go enjoy some movies first before i go sleep
wohooness :D
*machiam exams over like that -.-"
i is still very the stressed
pardon me

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