Saturday, November 22, 2008

i'm not dead

i is know
i haven't been online-ing for like very the very the long long time d
but actually
i got online wan
i got check me email
i got check me other stuffs also
but hor
i check the stuffs at ofis d
then no fotos d
coz dunno wad they do
my room kana bcome no connections d
then onli today after figuring out the stuffs and all i can get back my connection d
so finally now then i can online d

the past week since i'm back here had been exceptionally great
well, home is still the best place to be
nevertheless, this week had been pretty much the "f" week
lunches and the dinners
i is back in love like the very first time
only this time
so much more

been meeting with the shooters friends back here too
great to hang out back again with them

i'm fully booked ever since i landed back home
the sms-es and calls had been non stop to ask for a quick meet up
great :)
thanks man
for the warm welcome back !

3 phictures
i shot with the G9
on my way back home
frm singapore to medan




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