Wednesday, November 26, 2008

c + r part 2

been feeling rather productive lately,
that is,
i kinda process my pictures faster than usual
of the past 3 - 4 days
i've shot and finished processing two photo sessions
one of which was of myself, lol
and the other one of c+r
also, i've made two different designs for my name card

and all of it
on my windows operating laptop which.......
ok cannot compare to my imac lah back in sg but,
i literally have to wait like 2 mins of loadings each time i drag a photo into photoshop
my god

here's part two of c + r :)

so they walked walked walked
point and point

then r went to change dress d
and c being the nice hansum kind loving husband-to-be help her lor

then they both separate for a bit
to draw on two different part of the beach
their love

r drew
c r


c drew a really huge big love
and went to collect seashells around
and make a smaller love
and also went to pluck a wild flowa
and tie it into a ring-alike
and hide it under one of the seashells
and i borrow my friend's shoe
and have it pose with the big big love
and there's a lot of and in this sentence ah

then c went to fetch r
then close her eyes along the way
then slowly lead her way
then bring her to the place he drew the big big love
then surprised her d
then there's too much then here also d

a bit of behind the scenes d
my attached lens, the sigma 10mm fisheye too wide to shoot them together onli
so i shoot like this lor
kenot always change lens d
at the beach
very dangerous

another one behind the scenes
here, can see
c putting the "ring" into r's hand

i is like this photo

the shooters of the day + the couple
the videographer, selwn, myself
and the lovebirds

finally d
last photo
"our world, our love"

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