Thursday, November 27, 2008

c + r part 3

harlo there ~
this series,
just only i went to see
will be completed only after part 5
a lot of parts XD
as usual

f wasn't happy yet after 2 namecard designs
so i made another two tonight
productive XD XD
hope she'll be happy this time with it
coz i personally kinda like it already d

tomorrow will most probably be off looking to buy the cloths i've been wanting to get since i got back here
dad had finally asked his friend to custom made for me a wallpaper "hanger" kinda thing for my "studio"
so now that it's done, what's left is to go find the "wallpaper"
kinda thinking of just buying 3 super long cloths first
black, white and may be blue or red
5.5m x 3m each
getting it done tomorrow might be a bit ambitious coz i think that kinda long of a cloth will definitely need some customization also

another thing is,
my dry cabinet has finally stabilized at 45rh
it had went extremely low to around 30 and under the previous few days of which then i had taken all my gears out and left it alone to stabilize for 24 hours
now that i've seen it at 45 from this afternoon to now, i've again re-organized my gears inside
let's see what happens tomorrow

oh yeah,
went to make glasses also today
this time, two at once
f said she preferred me in a white frame glasses like the previous one
so i decided to just get a new one instead
and when we were there
she saw a fully black frame one
and she said i looked really matured looking in it
and asked me to buy also
lucky they're cheap XD
i love both of them :)
oh, of course her too :D

finish update

continue c+r story d

so after sitting down happily romantically kiss here kiss there
they decided to play some ball d
since they're at the beach

and so r threw

and c catch XD

then they got tired playing ball
coz the wind was kinda strong also
and r said not fair coz then she'd had to throw harder so the ball will reach c
and all c need to do was just to let go of the ball and the wind will blow it to r's direction
so they decided to rest a bit

and i snap myself with everyone else behind me
from left to right
selwyn - W's friend (forgothernameXD) - meself - r - D - c - W a.k.a D²

and also everyone's feet

then after resting chit chatting a bit
everyone got thristy
and c asked us to buy drinks

the couple of the day bought themselves some coconut to share

and we made it into one of the props also

after resting
we went off exploring further down to the other side of the beach


-to be continued-

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