Tuesday, November 25, 2008

c + r part 1


so i was at the beach today,
doing what ?

a few days ago,
one of f's best friends kinda asked f if i wanna tag along her works thing
she's some video editor in a videography company i THINK
that's what she seems to be doing in her office this morning XD
call me slow
but i've just realized that medanese are into a video pre-wed stuffs now
they're not happy with just photos
now they they want video also
so..make machiam a short movie like that
romantic romantic stuff
or other conceptual things d
f's friend, W, thought that since i'm usually super duper free when i'm back here, i might as well tag along
well, may be can give ideas for the video and other things
me on the other hand,
thought that this experience will be :) since to me, it's new and it's something that's gotta do with weddings and i thought i ought to know more bout that also la
so aku pun pergi d

with my camera of course

went to the beach
pantai cermin
and after a few brief talks

i said
i would be better be there shooting than standing around doing nothing
so i brought out my camera
and began firing very casually
thus, this series are all
i did not for once, direct any special poses or asked them to hold on or whatsoever d
just shot
when the videographer was shooting
and i
not only do i have to concentrate on shooting but at the same time also have to concentrate on the whereabouts of the videographer and at which direction is he pointing his cam at in order not to spoil the entire clip with this dude squating down by the beach with some big ass camera

oh by the way,
before the pics
i finally bought myself a dry cabinet :D
and also a new lowepro camera bag
some reporter d200 or soemthing and i'm loving it !

more bout those soon :)

late liao
wanna sleep liao
so here are the pictures shot today !


i know this ain't even at focus
but don't care
i like their expressions
and from where i'm safe standing away from the videographer, this was the only shot i could get before they ran off to another composition which i don't quite like

like this one

i'd quite like this also
only if they'd turn the other way round facing me of coz -.-"
i was just a silent shooter today
just for the sake of killing off the shutter withdrawal


cut off his leg
and pressed the shutter a sec late
r's eye closed d

then they walked off d
to where ?

-to be continued-

ps. first shot was shot with a sigma 10mm fisheye
Selwyn, a Medanese who'd been in New York for the past 8 years (me past 8 years in Sg d), came back home and since he's now a "pengacara" (penganguran banyak acara|unemployed), he tagged along also d
and the fisheye is his
i pinjam pinjam onli XD

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