Saturday, August 09, 2008

happy 43rd Singapore

well, it's singapore's national day today
so..i shall post something concerning it eh ?
i was actually thinking of making a design for this have a scattered thoughts in my head for this
but then, with so much things to do right now and am my physically and mentally tired state
i guess i'd just grab a rest tonight and forgo the design
well, indonesia's national day's coming up
definitely will do it then :D


happy birthday Singapore,
it's been some 8 amazing years...
and over these years, countless people had asked me over and over again,
where do i enjoy staying more, back home or here in singapore ?
well, i do love every single bit of moment i have back home, i spend only about 3 months a year back home and the rest of the 9 months in singapore, i'd have to admit that i'm definitely feel more productive when i'm here. well, may be because that i'm totally free and alone here with no restrictions whatsoever

these 8 years had been great
it is also because that i'm in singapore that i could develop and learn more about photography
nevertheless, staying here all by myself and all had definitely it's down side

for one,
i totally can't withstand and totally hate noisy places, noisy conditions, noisy people
it'd evoke my temper right away, on the spot
it had happened over and over
during group meetings, where the girls are always loud and all
crowded places....bus etc...
that's why it's really rare that i'm out without my earpiece and the iphone to blast all the song goodness in the ear deaftening the surrounding noise
i guess these are because of the silence in here that's always surrounding me..the room is rarely filled with noise and the only loudness it tolerates are the sound of music

well, that's one fact about me :D

Singapore, is definitely my second home now and i can also say that most of my beautiful memories are all here, i grew up here..somethign i wouldn't admit may be 4 years ago....

3 pics from the esplanade area




didn't had the time to go down and shoot more and for these also i was actually caught unprepared.
well, may be if i can settle my things by the afternoon later on, i might just pop by to esplanade again to shoot some fireworks or something

happy birthday, Singapore.

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