Tuesday, June 12, 2007

SBG visit 2 - plant series

have to host the pics from my old anyhow flickr account.
something's wrong with my connection man.
or is it my lap top.
i can't even view pics hosted from photobucket already !

shine on me blog

orchid blog

.damn tired.

flower's testical blog

i practically walked for almost half a day for the previous 3 days man.
SBG, esplanade ( YES AGAIN ! ), { bugis,orchard,vivocity,sentosa }
i think it's my third time watching the songs of the sea.
and i'm still amused by the beauty of the water.
kinda getting a bit irritated by the songs thou....

droplets blog

did a lil shopping today,
1. camera backpack - tamrac adventure 7
2. filter - close up filter +3
3. slipper - a new slipper from pedro
and some shirts...

double the coconut

abstract wood structure blog

two more from the esplanade :)

burning esplanade blog

tru the dark times- blog

dri noticed that since i got the batt grip,
i've been shooting more vertically.
and i don't know why !

alright !
tml's plan is to go test the close up filter,
shoot grasshoppers !!!
note to self : BRING TRIPOD and a FLASHGUN !
i'll be driving there so weight ain't a prob :P


bye bye spore

will be back end of this month.
most prob the last day of this month.


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