Tuesday, March 10, 2009


another random post just to update
i is very busy now
with the school's sim photography club exhibition just round the corner
and things ain't that well done yet till now
the pressure is definitely felt
but nevertheless,
everything will still go well i know :)
so for a random post
i shall post one random photo
and a photo i'd be printing for the exhibition :)


that's some super multi tasking
and each conversation there is about the exhibition stuff
and if u can still see
i'm also actually in the middle of designing my new blog design
right there at the bottom right beside the trash bin
photoshop file XD
and also in the middle of sorting out the pictures sent by members for the exhibition
i practically slept quite a lot yesterday and today
and right now
i'm so drained up i can sleep the entire day again tomrrow


and one of my pic for the exhibition
i know
i know
u guys have seen it before
but sometimes ideas evolve right
and this time
i like it even better than the previous one !

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