Friday, March 06, 2009

HenI @ Chinatown

so, it was a pretty tiring day
went to watch one of the worst movie i've seen thus far this year
"kung fu chef"
yes that sammo hung and vanness wu movie
they exaggerate the show so much at times i just like...had goosebumps
like totally
been editing the pictures for as long as i could today
HenI's collection first as i really wanna settle everything as fast as possible
before moving back to fashion nation's post-processing which are like 90% done
just a final re-check and if necessary re-touch again and it'd be done
after that i guess,
i'd be pretty much occupied with school's stuff
i have however still two or three more folders of pictures i've never touch before
i've never even properly glanced tru them before
like omg

HenI's series though or pretty much 75% complete i guess
have selected the best of the rest that i've yet to edit
i'm left with a few from botanical garden and the rest of sentosa's photos only which i don't think is quite a lot
hopefully, everything will be done tomorrow including the slideshow i've wanted to do for them

on a much much brighter note,
nothing makes my day more than having the people i shot for say that my works suit their taste, they like it
reading tru the comments they've left at the flickr account
is simply :D :D :D :D
make me wanna finish the entire series faster only
i sure am really glad that they like it :)
3 pics from the short chinatown session




ok finish
botanical's garden series begins tomorrow !
for the entire collection of course
simply click here

go go click
leave some comments for them or simply say hi :D

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