Wednesday, March 25, 2009

meeting Her + b.Folio


so the other day
she twittered about a talk she's giving at supperclub
the next day
i went
don't know what to expect
but was sure was anticipating meeting Her


again i'm still speechless


i went off to meet Her.
Zhang JingNa
or more famously known as

one of the photographers i truly look up to
and my was she humble and friendly
she'll like answer practically any questions you throw on her
and as humble and friendly as she was
i was still
i don't know what's with me then
i was speechless
even meeting like S.H.E the other time or Kelly Chen or the other kinds of celebrity i've met i wasn't feeling the way i felt


see that blur face -.-"
now i know the feeling of meeting someone you truly respect
now i is still speechless
and if you still don't know who's she yet
go check her works out at
go get your jaws drop there

on different note
here's this month's landscape edition of b.Folio entitled "same place | different days"

Landscape Edition
Issue 1
Same Place | Different Days

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