Sunday, March 22, 2009

city of Red + b.Folio


what's city of Red ?
it was today rained practically almost the entire day again
but stopped briefly during the sunset hour
i was on the phone with f then
and when we finished
i took a glance at the sky and was shocked at how red the building look
in my heart i knew
the sunset would be awesome
so i quickly took out my 400d to just get a shot of the building opposite first
it was then as the first shutter went off that i noticed this


a very very faint hint of a rainbow
darn !
i must've been around 10 mins or so late !
quickly then i put the 400d on the table
grab the bag and put the 50d in
i knew the sun must've gone down as it's past 7 already then
so the 50d is a must for much better noise control
as i ran off downstairs
the rainbow gone liao :(
but i went ahead quickly
just for the sunset
and what i saw
were this




a city of red.....

on another note
it's confirmed
though it'll be a mere 6 days 5 nights only
it'd all be worth it
1. get to see her
2. my home is the only place i can LAZE around to RECHARGE the batt
something i'd need before the exams come
so the short "break" will be on 2nd April - 8th April

on another different note again
i've deleted yesterday's mag
and come up with two better ones
it's quite addictive making those
your pics simply look great that way XD
so i've decided to make more

b.folio will come in 4 editions
1. wedding edition
2. macro edition
3. landscape edition
4. portraiture edition
and i will publish them monthly !

so to kick start
here's two of the 4 for this month, the first issues of all !

Wedding Edition
Issue 1
Hendra and Indira

Macro Edition
Issue 1
The Mix

more soon !

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pebble said...

great photos~!!