Thursday, September 18, 2008

shit happens

the shitest shit happened to me today,
some legal issues shit
am really really really very upset over what happened

really broke my heart

firstly, i would like to thank Canon Singapore, Nikon Singapore and SIM for all their support that they had given me over the last event, the SIM Arts Festival. This is by far, the biggest event I've ever organized, and I seek ur understanding that there might have been some issues that i've had failed to oversee and one of which had caused all of us some inconveniences.

myself, had been reported to the Singapore Police under the statement that I had threatened one of the student there that i'm gonna be beating him up outside of school.

what he had failed to report to the police was the incidents that happened prior to what i said.
and i quote myself that this is what i said :

"lucky that this did not happen outside school lor"

he replied "What will happen if this were to happen outside school ?"

with no whatsoever harmful or any anger tone I replied "don't know leh, may be you'd be lying on the floor already by now, bleeding may be, whatever it is, it won't be pretty lah"
"don't see me small small leh"

if the fella had taken what i said as if i was really were to go and beat him up outside of school despite my tone and what i really said and meant, then this fella must have failed his english damn jia lat-ly
if i were to really threaten the fella that i'm really gonna go beat him up outside of school wouldn't it be just easy to say something like this :

"you better wait for me outside school" or even may be "we settle outside school lor like that"

just to clarify, the fella offended me, threatened my club and again threatened me for the third time (which he never even state in his police report) before i said that
i show him a paper which i need to use for my documentation, and he nv say a word and tore it in front of me
u not offended meh kana do like that ?
people kana offend already angry one
i never, i keep my cool
i some more apologize to him
he threaten my club some more
i even apologize some more that this shit had to happen
he then threatened me some more
again i apologize again
wtf ?

never in my life had i been treated this way, and again i apologize to the fella
it's already like a freaking disgrace to myself
friends who have had known me for some time would immediately know what i would have done lor
but no, i kept my cool
i've never freaking apologize so many damn times in my life before man, mind you, i will only say sorry when i mean it, else, i won't even say that word one lor.

shit happens

i mailed to all my members
that i temporarily suspend myself from my position as the president of sim photography club
coz don't want because of me
later the club name go down with me or wad

and a few mins later
i receive this mail from one of my members:

hi Herbert,
i am - here. The one who pestered you to teach me how to use the F functions on the focus part and the background blur part at the rock climbing.
I feel upset for you however I feel that you are a very good president so far.

I can see the effort that you put in for the club. It is hard to come by such a good president.
Keep the good job!!!!

Hoping that everything will be fine before the outing which i will definitely attend!.
Looking forward to more of you coaching us your photography skills and events.

I always believe the sun will shine again after rain.


-, thank you so much for all these words
thank you seriously
at least now i know there's still one member (except from the EXCOs) who believe in me.
and wait, u got pester me meh ?
can't remember ur pestering part... =x

shit happens
really upset
really really upset

i have like 4 projects to be done very soon
1 of which by tonight
1 major shoot job to do next wed

and so much stuff have to gone wrong this day
even my project group members have to fight again just now just right after i know all the police report shit wrong can a day be

you know
no matter how hard you try
things will still go wrong
this incident
really feels like
god, has brought me up
up up up up
even gave me wings to fly
and just when i almost reach nirvana
he suddenly decided that i have a lot of sins he had failed to oversee
and throw me to hell instead

the last thing i expected was the friends who i felt closest with, have to freaking do this right on this day.
i know the project deadlines are close.
and we're no where reaching completion.
but after 2 semesters, have i ever lied when i said, we will finish on time ?
u all stress
u think i not stress ?
this shit happened i not stress ?
everytime take the shit u guys throw at me i not stress ?
a do something c not happy, c have to report to me first
ask me handle a myself no matter what the matter is regarding on
1 over years
i kept quiet.
this time round
ask u all understand me
u all do this to me

i seriously don't know how long can i tahan
seriously don't know when all this patience test will be over
this had proved to be the toughest semester to go through without her by my side again
not because of the courses this time

nevertheless, i wanna thank those friends, who really was there. and those of you who believed in me. thank you.

i hereby, apologize to Canon Singapore, Nikon Singapore and SIM Student Care over the inconveniences from what had happened on the 16th of September.

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