Tuesday, September 23, 2008

from the heart to you


ur hands in mine, and mine in urs
side by side i'm forever urs
for always
and endlessly

forgive me for all the lonely times u've had
distance had kept us apart
however u must know
you're forever in my heart

please be strong
please be strong
wait for my return

20 months of us together
is coming right the next time i see you
may our love last forever
trust me when i say this to you
i miss you
i need you
and i love you


the busy days of rushing through last minute projects works are here again
i've got like 2 projects submissions this week
1 mid of next week
another one early the following week
if you're in my shoe and still haven't feel the pressure yet
then i guess u're like no feeling no emotion type of guy lor really
nights after nights here i am typing away
mouse clicking here and there
the joy of having both mac and pc are simply awesome however
especially this 24"
i can like open 3 word documents in a page
refer to them
and type away in my pc
when they say mac really does speed up ur work
they are not lying

after the projects
will be the exams already
really have to start my long overdue revision right away after all the projects are gone
really really hectic
it's only the 23rd september
and i'll only gain my freedom back by the 10th of november
a mere 7 weeks away....
49 days
and darling, after that is :)
i'll be seeing you again in less than 60 days
2 months to be exact
i will be back
in your arms again
and then
we'll belong together again
just like the way it should be

i miss her tremendously
birds in flight will be up tomorrow XD
if u wanna see how i shot birds in flight using manual focus !
then come back tomorrow ! XD


anyway just wanna share this with u guys,
at approximately 1 plus pm just now
f called
"go look at the sun now !!!!!!!!!"
and i was like...
and all i see was
plain white skies with no whatever indication of where the sun is
i know it should be right above me
but the white clouds were so thick
looking directly above didn't even hurt the eye

but what happened back in Medan (my lovely hometown) was something kind of incredible

after that
i received sms-es from mum, dad and a few other friends back in indo who knew i'm into photography

this is what they saw
back there
for around an hour
the sky
was like this


that's not lens flare
that is RAINBOW
i bluff u not
the phenomena as i'd like to called it
happened across medan
even Peter Chandra, the photographer who had shot that photo there,
founder of tobaphotographer club at www.tobaphotographerclub.com
and owner of www.peterchandra.com
who was quite out of Medan town
witnessed the phenomena
from my conversations just now with Peter himself,
he had said that it rained damn heavily late last night
and the sun was tremendously hot this afternoon
the phenomena happened at around 11.45 all the way to 12.45 local time (1 hour behind singapore and malaysia time)

anyway, just wanna share this to you guys :)
the creations of god
a full circle rainbow circling the sun
for one full hour
i'm imagining hundreds, if not thousands of Medanese walking out of their homes to look at the sky
and of course
all the photographers busy shooting awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
to witness the beauty of His creations

something i've always believe in after taking up photography,

everything is beautiful
everything can be beautiful
it's just a matter of how you look at it


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