Sunday, September 28, 2008


today is a super damn sangat very lazy day
woke up like at 4pm
tak bluff

was up all night rushing through my projects due today
something that's been quite common for me now
i stay up all night
typing away

for last night case
some 5250 words (damn nice the number of total words lol)
and never got the chance to see it in print
always the rest of my group mates will be there in sch
printing and submitting it


i remembered the very first project i did back in sem 1
that one even more jia lat
type all the way till morning
then straight away go school to print
but the feeling
of seeing those words in print
and submitting it myself,
more like throwing it in the that black box at the koi pond
it feels great

2 down
2 more to go

ok back to where i started
today is like a super lazy day
i guess
yesterday's re-editing and typing typing all made me damn exhausted to do anything at all
but, before i went off to bed yest morning
i went off to rest my eye
and check out the view of the sunrise at level 22 again
at the apartment across

since i is very lazy to edit my need for speed pics
i shall continue with that series tomorrow d
share with u guys
what i thought to be some lousy sunrise but turned out incredibly awesome
the sunrise of the 27th


clouds damn fantastic


finally can get this kinda shot
after like trying to shoot them with the maximum zoom of my G9 but with lousy results
thanks Andrew for the 70-200 !
return to u soon XD

and lastly,
what's level 22 without my 10mm ?


simply love the clouds formation man
i think one of the best i've shot so far
there was a better one though
so i think this one second best

be prepared,
i bet
more of these sunrises will be coming up in the month ahead
exams are near
exams = late night sleep
late night sleep = all the way up till sunrise


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