Monday, September 15, 2008

it's been soooo long !

i know it's been soooo long !
but i've been extremely busy right now !

my school has got an event
the open house and the arts festival
and sim photography club is very much part of it
gotta organize this and that
design this and that
make sure this and that is completed
so am still really busy
the event will ends on the 16th night


just an update though,
i went to Nikon the other time
and managed to grab their D700 + their 70-200 f/2.8 VR
brought it over to jurong bird park just now for the speed test
man, shall i say i am disappointed
more soon !

i caught a malaysian femez "celebrity" too when i had the D700 the other day
regular updates will resume by the 17th !
promise !
although by the look at my schedules
i'll be completely busy till my next holiday comes which will be by November :(

after arts festivals
i'll have to rush through my projects
after that i'll have to begin my revision for my exams !

such a busy and tiring semester

gotta go sleep now

have a great day people
and thanks for still coming back :)

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