Tuesday, July 07, 2009

recent shoots

my god,
just realized i have only like 3 times since i got back home
been really busy
this week itself have done two photoshoots
a few other jobs on pending that should have been done like
1 more week left before i return to singapore
i so...dont wanna leave yet
but am definitely looking forward to the one week i'll be in singapore before i leave again
fashion nation shoot for the upcoming issue !
the young performers concert !
and of course

for now,
lots of editing to be done
the first photo shoot last wednesday was actually done
but am still not happy with the results
so most probably am gonna re-edit the whole bunch
some 40 over pics
then sunday was one of the most....
bare, daring, lots of light play, fun and tiring kinda photoshoot i've ever done
extreme respect to the model who is alos an artist in her own way
a fashion designer in the making
respect for her ability to express herself so freely :)

lots and lotsa thanks to the people that's helped me a lot this past week
f, for her upmost understanding on the kind of work that i do
love love love
pendy for his time and support
for helping me with the behind the scenes
for helping me done the less glamourous and most tiring things
thanks a lot man
macgie, steven, emi and queen
for modeling
all the ideas and concepts will never had been realized without u guys
thanks !

here's two pics
from the last two shoots :)


the group shot
left - right
steven - macqie - emi - mi - queen - christine


queen :)

aight !
more soon ! :)

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Stanley said...

Second photo has very nice effect =D