Saturday, April 12, 2008

the singapore lightning

i'm tireeeeeed
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anyway, went for a short break just now when the sky turned dark with numerous thunders
before it rained, i ran up stairs
opps, now that i remember, i've yet to upload 1 pic from the iphone
but aiz...lazy already lah
wanted to show u guys how i snapped the pics coz i never bring tripod up
guess it'll have to wait till my next uploading of pics from the iphone d
i've yet to find out can i actually sync my pics using the bluetooth iphone to this mac

anyway, before it rained, i ran to my level 22 spot
having seen one damn big lightning from my window, i was convinced that there'll be more !!
so i packed my stuff
nd8 filter, 10-22mm, 400d and the iphone
and off i ran with a sweater


there were practically no lightnings for the first 10 shots i fired using my old way of shooting lightning, that is, just shoot and hope the lightning will strike during the exposure time
well, usually though i'll shoot lightning at night, when i can max the exposure to more than the ideal 30 seconds so i won't waste so much shutters
this time, the max exposure i could go was only like 2 sec
which is like damn fast


the sky then turned darker...happy me and it still haven't rain yet
max exposure now can be extended to about 5 seconds

still, no lightnings strike
there was a one or two but unfortunately for me, they striked when i was either looking through the pics or re-adjusting my composition
again, i did not have my tripod with me
i rested my 400d with on little space in the small opening of the building while holding to it damn tightly, as dearly as i could, controlling my breathing as much as i can
i was at level 22....dropping the 400d = crashing it beyond recognition and probably also killing the unlucky fella downstairs if some dude happen to pass there


again, no rain
50 shutters had gone by and no lightnings had been shot yet
i preserved on
i can't be this unlucky


the rain started to hit, and in an exposure of 3 seconds, i could record clouds moving that fast = SUPER HEAVY RAIN drop just like that
i'm starting to get wet
my nd filter was covered with rain droplets
with a few rain drops here and there on the camera
"SHIT" i gotta find another way and another place to shoot
i took out my iphone cloth-pouch which is luckily also is designed to absorb moisture and dirt and cleaned the nd filter away
i took off my sweater and covered my entire 400d body and lens up to where the hood is
lucky i brought the hood
placed my bag into a dry-er place

i ran downstairs, level 21
shit...even worst...and i began to move to the other side, to the more open side where from here, the residents in that level could actually see me
i usually only shoot at the staircases area so that nobody would know
not that i'm afraid or what...i just don't wanna like answers to those ah peks or ah mahs living over there

*find a way to balance the camera now that it's fully covered with my sweater*
*found a way*
snap away

30 more shots gone just like that
more droplets
more wiping away

and snap


unknowingly to me, i've got my first lightning but the 400d's lcd is so small i thought there was none
apparently, yeah it's so damn far also
i didn't know

frustrated, i switched to continuous shooting mode and just hold the remote shutter down

*why the hell each time i browse my camera, the very moment i stop snapping for a while, then the lightning will strike so damn big and near !!*

another 20 shots gone

the sky begins to be clearer
damn it
ok, change of plan
continuous mode but fast shutter speed now
i dial in manual mode
f/8 at 1/40
with the nd filter that cannot go off right now as i don't have any filter for the 10-22mm i sacrificed the image quality
i boost the iso to 400


ok, a bit dark, but better dark than over exposed

i then waited
and waited
just staring at the sky and the city...
5 mins
10 mins

2 strikes


and i got the last strike :D

i then waited i want the lightning to be in the middle !

BUT suddenly i had the super sudden urge to go toilet !
i hold for another 5 mins
no more strike
cannot take it anymore
i quickly packed and ran back to the house

upload the memory card

102 pics snapped meaning i've wasted around like 100 shots
is it worth it ?
the damn strong wind + half-drenched so can protect camera + only 1 shot - quality
yes ! it's all worth it :D


oh yeah, here's the mac


snapped the other day just for comparison only
24" vs 15"



better shots will be taken after the exams d which is still damn long away
1 month to go
10+ days to study

god bless me


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