Saturday, April 19, 2008

one flashing night


i honestly seriously need to get out man
but then again, aiz..have to be discipline
anyway, i'm interrupting homesick+n's post for a bit here for this

as now is the "exams study break"
my sleeping, eating and studying time had all be so screwed up i practically lost track of day and time
i'd mug mug till 5 pm and sleep all the way to 4 am and wakes up
and so the cycle will repeat so technically, i'm living the life of the opposite now
all because i have this thing about studying at night where i find it so much more peaceful and calmer
and for as long as the sun shines, i'd just have this uncomfortable feeling as if it's damn noisy despite the silence in the room

ok, so back to the flashing night
so i woke up like at 1 or 2 a.m. last night, or this morning ? i don't freaking know !
anyway, i woke up and have my meal
then 4 pages through the textbook i decided to take a little break and as usual stare outside the window, simply to give my eye that break it deserves from the long night of intensity on words after words
it was then that i saw flashes
i then said, aiz...just flashes no lightnings
i stare a bit longer and told myself, if from here i could see like 3 strikes, then i'd go or else i'd just be back on the table
so i got back to mug
3 pages later, my mind got so tempted to see the sky so much i totally gave in, it was then that i saw a few strikes
so okay, i pack my bag and leave

and as i was walking towards the opposite apartment, this huge, seriously damn HUGE, i mean...FREAKING DAMN HUGE, lightning just strike right above me....
i shouted
i even dodged !!!
and for once i got scared
all those adrenaline rush woke me up that instant when before that i was still very sleepy with my eyes hanging all that

i quickly fasten my pace to find shelter, it hadn't rain yet but the lightning strikes had began and i know, once they strike, they'd continue to strike and strike for a moment till it's really over
nevertheless, the intensity of that strike i saw got me questioning a bit...
for once, i began to question about safety
but i need this break i told myself
so i heck and gone up level 22 anyway while on my way saw a bunch of teenagers running into the shelter shouting in malay
"YA...AKU SAMPAI BEGINI TAU" *some dodging action

so i reached and as soon as i do, i began to check my view points
experience told me that lightning will strike at almost the same spot continuously and i don't know why but it's always true and that's how i got my lightning pictures
i checked on the east and west and also the south
it strike biggest on the south but i couldn't really got a clear viewpoint of it
some building in front of me is blocking the vast cities behind it
nevertheless, i tried to compose just for the heck of it



that's the biggest damn lightning i've ever captured man ! and as u can see, i even missed the third strike coz got some building blocking
i've just cropped out the foreground for this and the empty left side
it's severely underexposed thou
i was afraid that it'd rain so i had left my only filter for the 10-22mm on and that'll be the nd8
that's why super underexposed coz i had just started the shutter not long and it striked

after that, i had just open up the nd8 and left the 10-22 unfiltered


soon, i found out that the lightning are striking more and more towards the east so yeah, i changed my position also lo


definitely a lot of strikes that night
and sadly, i missed a lot of those nearby and big strikes
got those small small one instead
coz often, it'd either strike when i just finished an exposure or when i'm looking through the viewfinder

i saw like 5 strikes through my viewfinder and wow, i'd say it's damn....exciting seriously !


this is cropped
that's why quality a bit : /


my best strike and the more properly composed shot of the night i'd say


my 2nd vertical lightning shot, where my first was handheld and absolutely lucky shot then
i really like this shot, coz if u see properly can actually see the strike begin from the sky up there then through the thick clouds and then down to the cities


last shot before i decided to stop and say that's it
the lightning were striking less and less and had gotten weaker
it has also begin to rain, so...before it got bigger i'd better leave
and so....

back to the notes d now

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